Community Tech Talk…

Show me what you got…

So I’ve done quite a bit of talking on this blog, and I just got to thinking “OMG, I’m watching Disney Channel at 1 AM. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?”


So after having a brief existential crisis about my life up to this point, I thought of all the people that have been reading my blog. Quick shout out to you guys by the way!

But I digress…

I thought I should let you guys pick out the next topic that I should write about relating to technology or superheroes. Or even something outside those lines if you feel like it. It could be a question or a technological issue/ concern that you have on you mind. Or perhaps my insights on the current world of superheroes. Or like I said earlier, perhaps something more broad.

Let me know what you guys want in the comments below and on my Twitter, Google+ (yes, I said Google+. Don’t judge me) and even on my Instagram.


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