Popularity of Android Wear Watches (AKA: Moto 360’s Dominance)…

“Just wanted to know which Android Wear smart watch people use most often.” That’s pretty much all I said on a poll that I posted on Google+ (I know what you’re thinking: “Google what now?”) on 4:17 pm today. I never expected over 1,000 people to respond to the post Continue reading “Popularity of Android Wear Watches (AKA: Moto 360’s Dominance)…”


New Internship (Plus some of other stuff too)…

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been posting lately but with good reason. A lot of stuff has been happening lately, and I’m gonna tell you ALL about it (don’t worry, it won’t be too long). Continue reading “New Internship (Plus some of other stuff too)…”

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: New TV Series

The CW so far has had a spectacular 2014-2015 season, from its critically acclaimed show Jane The Virgin, to its ever popular shows Arrow and The Flash, the latter which has broken various records for the CW. To follow up on the two DC Comics based shows (Arrow and The Flash), the CW network has announced a new series called DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.
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